I believe that IT is here to provide solutions to people, via computers.
I'm a developer/programmer that creates apps/software.
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  • Pro : Keep going on the 2015 wave for 2016
  • Services : Quumae, Wisebit, Lehosia


  • Programming (proc., OOP)
  • PHP based web, or any shape, size and flavor.
  • Full-stack dev, with a preference for open-source


5 years IT school, major in software engineering. more info

2 years at In-Print : Internship + hired perm. - Business and commercial web apps development.

Freelance, working on similar projects, answering the needs of clients.

Teacher for 2 consecutive years at an IT school, on Web and PHP.

WebDev Consultant, Full-Stack at Alten (active)

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Try any mainstream and less ordinary framework/language (Hello world++).

Deepen my experience in TDD.

Discover and create.