I believe that IT is here to provide solutions to people, via computers.
I'm a developer/programmer that creates apps/software.
Contact me if you think I can help you with your IT experience.


  • Pro : Keep going on the 2015 wave for 2016
  • Services : Quumae, Wisebit, Lehosia
  • Teach


  • Programming (proc., OOP)
  • Web client & server
  • Database, system, and network concepts and notions


5 years IT school, major in software engineering. more info

2 years at In-Print : Internship + hired perm. - Business and commercial web apps development.

Freelance, working on similar projects, answering the needs of clients (active).

Teacher for the 2nd year at an IT school, on Web and PHP (active)

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Try any mainstream and less ordinary framework/language (Hello world++).

Convert myself to TDD.

Discover and create.